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Paint markings for 12.1972 Sydney car

Paint markings for 12.1972 Sydney car

Steering box markings.
Yellow in colour. Note where the yellow line finishes so does the black.
All these we have seen are fully painted black. Except for the end of the steering shaft. Which is seen here as being rusty. This is the second colour found that is not white.

Cross member marking colour orange.This is the first colour we have found that is not white.

Here we have the brake caliper bolts.
Note the 2 in the center have the witness marks of a white paint marking.
The original coating of the bolts was silver zinc.
The washers are black.

The stabilizer bar brackets are paint coded .
Both RH and LH.
White paint is used on this car

This is a photo of the LH rear end of the chassis. (H frame) There is a paint marking there on the outer edge.
The RH side is the same. I would believe this to be a task complete marking. This makes it very simple to QC. (Quality control)

This is a photo of the cross member. The brake line retaining tab in shot has a paint mark on it. White in colour and extending down from the tab onto the cross member itself.
This is one of three paint markings on the chassis.

There are various markings on body and components. These markings are used as a quick way of identification as to whether a specific task is complete.
During this rebuild as it is a bolt correct rebuild we will identify as many markings as possible.
This is what is on this SS and may not be correct completely as they may have been assembled at another plant or during another shift which will create inconsistencies .
However it will be a general guide.
The first paint marking we have identified is on the hand brake mounting bracket on the RH side of the car on the under body. The colour used is white.

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